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3D Printing AtlantaThe 3D printing market in Atlanta will soon become competitive with the price of 3D printers and supplies becoming much more affordable. How many 3D print shops are there room for in the Atlanta area? How will the leaders set themselves apart from the others?

First, for those of  you that may not yet know, printers have excelled in the 21st century. You can take a digital file and create an object with it. In other words, you can take a CAD drawing, scan it and the printer will actually make the object. In simple but more technical terms, 3D printing is a form of additive manufacturing where an object is created by laying down successive layers of material. For a better understanding, we recommend you visit our video demos page and for even more details you can read the Wikipedia definition here.

Numerous Atlanta area companies stand to benefit from this technology including architects, jewelers, engineers, the automotive industry, aerospace manufacturers, the medical industry, toy manufacturers and numerous other fields as well. Entrepreneurs can take complex ideas and turn them into reality in hours. The turn around time on rapid prototyping is extremely quick with 3D printing and as the technology improves, so will the turn around times.

It won’t be but a decade before there is a 3D print shop or printer available on every block in the city. The materials used will improve to the point that if a homeowner breaks a household item, they will be able to make their way to the local Home Depot and print out a new one. Those with creative minds will decorate their Atlanta area homes with unique three dimensional pieces of art. The only limitations will be in your own mind.